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Ask and You Shall Receive 

If you're unsure what to cook for your vegan guests, just ask! They might have a favourite dish or some easy vegan recipes to share.

Grill with Good Manners

Before firing up the BBQ, give it a good clean. Start by grilling all the veggies before meat. Roast veggies in olive oil separately from the turkey.

Beyond the Bunny Food

When crafting a grazing platter or charcuterie board, keep vegan and non-vegan items separate. Expand your options beyond the usual suspects like hummus. Cashew Ricotta recipe

Label Check Alert

When planning your menu, scrutinise ingredient labels. Surprising non-vegan culprits lurk in soups, wines, marshmallows, and even red food dye. Stay savvy!

Mezze Magic

A mezze board or antipasti spread with olives, fresh bread, and colourful sides and dips that both plant-based peeps and meat eaters will enjoy. 
Grater Goods Deli Range

Gravy and Butter Watch

Watch out for non-vegan gravy and butter-added veggies. Offer dairy, egg, and honey-containing dressings on the side. vegan butter

Booze Alert

Don't forget the booze! Check the wine label for unexpected non-vegan ingredients. Opt for cruelty-free options and keep everyone's glass merry and vegan-friendly.

Veg-Centric Spread

For a showstopping centrepiece along side meat, check out our range of Plant Based Roasts


Use our bestselling plant based cookery book THE GRATER GOOD, for easy and decadent dishes - then wrap up and gift away to a family member or friend on Christmas day! Voila 

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