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Bringing something new to the table
Ethical hedonism for future-focussed foodies

Our Story

Grater Goods is a vegan delicatessen and bistro in Christchurch, New Zealand, specialising in fine vegan meats and cheeses.

Established in August 2018 by husband and wife duo Flip Grater and Youssef Iskrane, Grater Goods’ kaupapa is to bring you all the pleasures of fine foods and gourmet plant based deli items. To show you the breadth of plant proteins, to make delicious vegan meats, cheeses, pates, as well as dine-in and takeaway kai available.

The Grater-Iskranes

Flip has been dedicated to making delicious vegan food for upwards of two decades, as well as writing about it in travel and cooking journals and her vegan cooking and parenting blog. While not cooking she has pursued a successful career as a singer/songwriter, with five albums under her belt and multiple international tours.

Youssef is a Paris-born French Moroccan cheese lover and hospitality superstar, with a career split between Paris and Christchurch. He has developed an intimate knowledge and love of all things food and wine after collaborating with top chefs and winemakers over many years.

Youssef and Flip met in Paris, one of Europe’s culinary capitals, in 2012 while Flip was recording her album Pigalle. They now live in Christchurch central with their daughter Anaïs and run Grater Goods.

The name Grater Goods is a reference to Flip’s grandfather, whose family business was Grater & Sons, a pork and beef butchery in Sunderland, England, dating back to the early Twentieth Century. Grater Goods is both a nod to this heritage and a subversion of it, with a 100% plant-based menu to cater to contemporary tastes and current planetary priorities.