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Grater Goods Furkey Slice

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Our famous furkey meat, but sliced into a deli meat instead of cooked as a roast. This is amazing in sandwiches or chopped and cooked into any dish. Fry in slices as a brunch meat or use as a basic "white meat" in recipes that would use turkey or chicken. We love to spice it up and use as shawarma. 

*Contains gluten

*Made in a kitchen containing nuts


Wheat protein, water, white bean, chickpea, mushroom, sunflower oil, sugar, onion, garlic, pepper, salt, spices, nutritional yeast, vegan seasoning, (Sea salt from the Southern Ocean, low sugar maize maltodextrin, natural vegetable flavour, yeast extract, caramelised sugar syrup, cane sugar, canola oil, extra virgin olive oil, potassium chloride, parsley.), soy sauce, natural smoke

Grater Goods Furkey Slice