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Mikaku Leaf Tea 70g

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Organic hand blended tea made in Aotearoa.


Summer Rooibos- Red bush tea, elderflower, lemongrass, orange, cinnamon, ginger root, calendula petals, blue cornflower petals. This delicious summer tea blend has a classic red bush base flavour, complimented with citrus, florals and notes of warming cinnamon and ginger.

Native Citrus- Local Kawakawa, lemongrass, lime pieces and ginger. 100% Organic, hand blended tea. Zesty, light flavour with a subtle pepper tone from the kawakawa.

Deluxe Berry- Blackcurrant, blueberry, raspberry, cranberry, apple, bilberry leaf, rosehip, hibiscus, lavender, rose petal, cinnamon and ginger. 100% Organic, hand blended tea. Full of rich berry flavours, warming spices and fragrant floral notes. Brew a pot of tea for a hot cuppa or try an iced tea version, by chilling brewed tea and serving with ice and fresh mint.

Earl Grey- Bergamont black tea base, orange pieces, cinnamon, cornflower petal and rose petal. 100% Organic, hand blended tea. Classic Earl Grey flavour, with cinnamon and floral notes.